Paranormal Thriller Author

Who am I?

Although Eva didn’t start out wanting to become an author, she always suspected it might be the greatest job in the world. In college she became editor for a legal magazine and soon discovered she was far better at crafting stories than writing legal analyses. After escaping law school she began writing fiction as if her life depended on it. She hasn’t looked back since.


Most frequent questions and answers

I’d love that! If you want to become my beta reader please sign up for my special Beta Reader List. Once I’m ready to choose my team I’ll let everyone know via my newsletter and a personal message to those on the list!

Absolutely. However, due to my own busy schedule I may not be available straight away, but of course you can always query me and we’ll discuss options. If you want more information first, check out my page on developmental editing.

Probably the moment when I realised how much work it really takes to self-publish!
Up until that time I was studying to become a translator and I still believed I could combine the two. I quickly discovered how wrong I was. After my first book Fiction Builder! came out, I decided that this was definitely the right career for me.

I write fast but my plotting and world building tend to move a lot slower. My first horror novel Dark was released in October 2020 and I aim to publish at least one new book every year from 2021.

Very simple: all my characters are British and the action takes place in the UK. Therefore I think British English is the logical way to go.  

From a very young age I’ve been in love with the English language. I remember my 8-year-old self trying to decipher English language books because English wasn’t taught at my school at the time and I desperately wanted to understand all these wonderful books.  Of course it took me a bit longer before I actually learned to write in English. These days I also have a British editor who keeps me from making a fool of myself!

Absolutely. Send your request to [eva AT gbkattz.com]. Please remember to include a link to your blog/ vlog!

Because of the level of control over my own creative process and production schedule. As an introvert I didn’t relish the idea of having to do my own marketing, but then I learned that these days even traditionally published authors have to do most of their own marketing. That really sealed the deal for me. And of course the money. I like money. Lots of it!

I’m definitely open to that. Please send me a message through the contact form. I have a very busy schedule but I’ll get back to you ASAP!

I don’t have a blog, but you can subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive a newsletter every three weeks, as well as updates about new books and other fun stuff! 

Always be yourself and do your own thing. If everything seems terrible now, one day you’ll meet the right people, make real friends and get a career out of what you love doing most. And everything will be worth the trouble it took to get there.

Publish more books! MANY more books! This year will see the release of my first horror novel. After that I have two paranormal adventure thrillers lined up, and in 2022 I plan the release of my new paranormal time travel series The Godwick Chronicles